Volunteering with us

Volunteering is a huge puzzle piece to what we do at CLARE CIC. Without our amazing volunteers we would not be able to support isolated & vulnerable adults as we would want. Our volunteers make the most profound affect on our service users – from helping to fill a gap in their lives by picking up a bit or shopping to seeing a heaviness lift off them whilst having a laugh over a cuppa, or simply by having a chat on the way to an appointment.

‘Connection is why we’re here; it is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives’ – Brene Brown

We’re constantly looking for kind and passionate volunteers who are looking to make a difference to join our team.

Volunteering Suited To You

We will always try to mould your volunteering experience around you; your time constraints, hobbies, interests and availability. 

When you volunteer with CLARE CIC, you are welcomed into our organisation, becoming part of the team and being valued as you should be.

So much of what we do at CLARE CIC revolves around relationship and connection and volunteering is no different – we make ourselves available to our volunteers as well as creating spaces and opportunities for you to get further training and connection as you give back to your community. 

Interested in finding our more? Please see our list of volunteering opportunities below. 


Befriending can look like anything from having a cuppa and a chat at a service users house every fortnight, to weekly check in calls, to going out for a coffee or trip to a local garden centre. You will be paired with one service user. We know that this connection for both the volunteer and service user can make a remarkable difference to quality of life.


Can’t dedicate time for befriending? Becoming a volunteer driver can give you the best of both worlds. Transporting service users to an event, group or outpatients appointment is vitally needed at CLARE CIC. It is much more of a occasional role, being called upon whenever there is a need but you still have a chance to meet, connect and get to know service users.


Don’t want something too time consuming but are able to do two shops at once?

Getting out to do shopping and carrying it home is something that becomes increasingly challenging for many of our service users. Being able to offer them the option of someone picking up a few items takes a lot of stress off them. 

These shops don’t normally look like full family shops, they are a few or collection of items that you can pick up whilst doing yours – then simply drop them in with your service user and that is it. You will never be out of pocket, the service user will pay for their shopping. Simply collect money from them beforehand or bring the receipt afterwards and they will reimburse you.

Groups & Events

Prefer to work a room? We are looking for volunteers to give staff a helping hand at bigger events and groups such as the monthly Duncairn Drop In. Help our staff serve tea and coffee, sit and have a chat and be a part of whatever activity we have on that day. We would love to have you!


Please find below some of our frequently asked questions about becoming a volunteer for CLARE CIC. 

As much or little as you want. 

Befriending and shopping demand more continuity mostly because we are dealing with service users who will love your company and therefore we need to manage expectations but this will all be discussed with your Volunteer coordinator Joy when you apply. 

CLARE CIC covers all expenses when you are with your service user. 

For example volunteer drivers will get their mileage covered.

If you take a service user out for a coffee we will cover the coffees as well as the mileage it took you to get there.

The only thing CLARE CIC doesn’t cover is your mileage to get to a service users house initially but after that, all is covered.  

This is rare as we take time to match you with a service user who we think you would be a perfect match for. However, if you ever feel as though it is not quite right or have any issues – just let your coordinator know and you will be rematched, no problem .

We understand that life happens. All you need to do is have a chat with your volunteer coordinator and we will work around you. 

No problem. Simply let your coordinator know. We are always sad to see you go but understand circumstances change. 

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